Yong In University,
Yong In, South Korea Private
College of specialized arts  Entry by
audition only
Bachelor's degree.
Major: TaeKwonDo of PE

7th Degree, Tae Kwon Do
7th Degree, Hapkido
7th Degree, Yong Moo Do
4th Degree, Judo
Licensed International Referee

Conducted Seminars For:
Tae Kwon Do Instructors
Demonstration Techniques
Self Defense

1984 Korean National Championship
1985 Korean National Championship
1986 Korean University Championship
1987 Asian Games
1988 Masters Championship
1989 Korean Military Championship
1992 National Tae Kwon Do Festival
1995 Korean American Sports Festival
2003 Korean American Sports Festival

For More Information
Please Contact Master Woo
Korean Tigers Demonstration Team

2005 Head of Team in U.S.A
International TaeKwonDo
Championships ( Madrid Spain )
2003 Head of Team Korean American Sports
Festival ( Houston Texas )
2003 Head of Team in
USA 1st Yong In International president cup (Boston, Harvard University)
2002 Head of Team in U.S.A
Yong In Internationa
TeaKwonDo Championships ( South Korea )
1997 Head of Coach Korean
American Sports Festival ( Seattle Washington )
1994 Head of Coach Illinois Team,
Junior Olympics
1993 Head Trainer, Illinois Team.
US Nationals

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