Welcome to our Dojang (Facility), it spans over 5000 square feet, 3000+ of which is the mat. It is here that we train tirelessly to perfect our techniques, share knowledge with newer students, and experience the true meaning of martial arts. It is here that we expand our minds, strengthen our bodies, and renew our spirit. It is here that we come together to learn, grow, laugh, and most of all To sweat.

Welcome to our dojang. If you are new to Yong In, please call me or stop by our Alexandria school. You are also more than welcome to join our class (see special offer) and see the many benefits that Yong In Martial Arts has to offer you and your family. I promise that your experience here will be as fulfilling as it has been for the hundreds of people from all walks of life, whom I call students.

Sincerely, Grand Master Woo

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     6700 Fleet Drive
     Alexandria, VA 22310
     703.313.8804 [ Click here for Directions ]

Springfield / Alexandria, VA
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TEL: 703.313.8804 / FAX: 703.313.8805
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